Safe at home, not stuck at home

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We have been in quarantine for what it feels like a million years . . . and we are definitely ready for things to go back to normal. . . but honestly most of us don’t have it that bad. Stores are still open and they have most of the essentials we need. We have a roof over our head, wifi, a computer to continue our work from home, and many more things that people did not have a hundred of years ago.

I am aware that some of us might have lost jobs, others might have gotten sick from the virus, and overall some have been more impacted than others. I am also aware that some might not be “safe” at home, and if you do not feel safe at home, please reach out and get help. If you’re a parent and want to prevent sexual abuse, read Kendall’s post on “Sexual Abuse in the Presence of Others: COVID-19 Version” (Link here). I am talking to those of us who are emotionally and physically safe at home!

The fact that we can’t go shopping at TJ Maxx, can’t smell candles at Target for a while, and can’t get that Bath and Body Works candle is not a big deal. We need to start looking at the big picture. We need to stop saying that we are “stuck” at home. Instead, we should start saying that we are safe at home, like Terry Waite said.

I’m thankful that I’m able to be safe at home, to work from home, to spend lots of quality time with my husband, to go on walks every day, and to finish all those DIY projects I’ve been putting on hold because I was “too busy.” I’m thankful that this quarantine has forced me to stop and notice the beautiful trees in our neighborhood, has forced me to slow down, has forced me to stop doing so much and start being a little more.

We get so tangled in our workaholism that we forget that it’s okay to just be. We always feel the need to be doing and going and making that we forget to simply be still. Our society is rewarding those who work hard and that only makes us want to be more busy than ever. What if we just slowed down for a while and attended to our feelings? We stopped throughout the day and noticed how we felt, what we need, and how we can tend to ourselves?

I am thankful for the many wonderful people on the front lines who don’t get to stay home, those who wake up every day not knowing if today is going to be the day when they get sick while helping others: the medical doctor who treated my husband a couple of weeks ago, the dentist who took my call a week ago when I had an emergency, the doctors who delivered our 3 nieces last month (Finlee, Eden, & Ariella), the lady who checked out my groceries at Costco, the policeman who keeps us safe, the mail man who daily brings our mail, the firefighters, the EMTs, the government officials, the president, and the list goes on and on and on.

I used to complain when this whole quarantine started, but I stopped and realized that I finally got those extra hours in a day that I was praying for. I finally had time to read all the books I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had time because #GradStudent, and I finally had time to start baking and trying out all those recipes I’ve been wanting to try.

There is always a choice we make about how we view our circumstances. We can choose to take advantage of the extra time to catch up on sleep, start being more creative, and spend time with our loved ones. Or we can choose to be negative, and complain. . . which by the way will not change the circumstances. I am not saying to ignore our feelings, but by focusing on being grateful and the good side of quarantine, it will make us feel better.

This week take some time and write a message to a loved one, call a friend and catch up on life, try out a new recipe, and start getting a healthy amount of sleep (around 8 hours). See you in my next post!

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